A World of Style...In a Universe of Inspiration


We innovate. We design. We amaze. 


With over 40 years of combined experience, Tommy & Jodi Aucoin have operated as salon owners and stylists, servicing clients from Canada and across the United States. They have built clienteles in New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Miami & Fort Lauderdale, Winnipeg Canada and now in San Diego. These 2 talented stylists have owned and managed 6 different salons. Tommy and Jodi have conducted shows, seminars, and taught from platform stages all over the world. Tommy has worked on Movies, MTV Videos and Commercials while Jodi has created hair for countless designers at Sundance Film Festival, New York, L.A., and Miami Fashion Weeks and even the Oscars.


Tommy and Jodi are Award-Winning Colorists and Master Cutters known all over the world for their creative and inspiring hairstyles. Both are color specialists at the highest level of their trade. Both have held International positions with the most creative and groundbreaking Hair Companies on the planet. 

Together with their hand-picked team of artisans, Atelier Aucoin Salons continue to fulfill the style dreams of clients from all walks of life. 


Whether you are looking for the finest in salon styles, color, hair cutting, hair extensions,  creative hair for photo shoots, commercials, video and movies or just the best in fashion styling, you have found it.


Atelier Aucoin is about people, and their personalities, attitudes, and standard of excellence. The salon itself is the bi-product of the vision that you the client and we the artist create together.